RS485 to LoRa converter ESP-7

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Tags: RS485 to LoRa converter ESP-7

ESP-7 is a high-performance LoRa converter, to achieve RS485 and LoRa conversion function, RS485 port can be connected to the conventional RS485 communication meter, through the built-in processor, to achieve the conversion of the two communications. As LoRa network terminal node, ESP-7 uses LoRa ad hoc network communication mode and cooperates with LoRa gateway (ESP-6) to form a complete LoRa remote meter reading system. LoRa network using MESH wireless Ad Hoc network, while supporting star, cluster network, the depth of the leading network routing, automatically select the best route, up to 4 relay hopping; with routing auto-repair feature to achieve seamless new Add or delete devices without manual intervention in routing operations.

  • Wireless Data Transfer from RS485 Meter to Gateway
  • LoRa Network Using Mesh Wireless
  • Long Range Transmission Technology
  • Communication Distance Open Area up to 1 KM, Urban Area 500 Meters
  • Can Penetrate four layers ( Reinforced Concrete Floor)




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