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How soon will I receive my order from point of ordering?

The majority of our products are stocked and ready to be despatched. Place your order before 2pm and, if it is in stock, it will be sent out on the same day. There are two different delivery options available when checking out, you can choose between a Next Day service, or a 2-3 Day service. All of our parcels are delivered to UK Mainland addresses by Interlink Express / DPD. On the day of delivery, you will receive an email and a text message (if you leave a mobile number) advising a 1-hour timeslot.

I have wired up the SMARTRAIL X835 but there is no display?

This meter is powered from a separate auxiliary supply. This is a range from 87-275V AC or 120-380V DC which needs to be connected to terminals 5 + 6. It is acceptable to link across from the measured voltage terminals (2, 3 or 4) and neutral (1) to give you Phase to Neutral (230V AC) supply.

The current reading does not tally up with the installers reading?

All CT (Current Transformer) operated meters require programming to scale the CT to the meter. It will affect the kWh register as well as the Current register. For all of our CT Operated Meters you need to enter into the programming screen and input the ratio. If the CTs are 100/5A the ratio is 20. (Divide the primary of 100 by the secondary 5 =20). So in the CT rate page you need to enter 0020.

The kWh register does not tally up with the clients expectations?

Whilst comparing sub metering to the primary meter which the landlord of the building is being charged for, it is important to expect some low level inaccuracy’s of around 1%. This is due to sub metering standards allowing for class 1 (1% +/- the total register reading). The primary meters supplied by the utility providers should be class 0.2 (0.2%). 

However it is also noted that if there are larger inaccuracy’s that it could be one of two reasons.

  • If the CT ratio has not been set then the reading will be considerably less than expected. In the example where you are using a 100/5A CT and the meter has not been set (Factory Setting 1/5) the reading will be 100x less than expected.
  • If the CTS have been installed incorrectly. Our meters have the ability to detect the direction of the current flow, it then intelligently assigns usage against Import or Export registers. If you have not ensured the P1 and P2 are facing the correct sides (Load and supply) then the meterwill read exported kWh rather than imported kWh. You can check this has been put on the right way at point of installation. If you have installed the Meter & CTs on an imported application (Consumption of supply, go to the power screen and check that the L1, L2 & L3 kW registers are all positive. If you are seeing a negative symbol on any of those readings then you have the CTS reversed. If you have installed on and Exported application (regeneration) then you should expect to see the negative symbol and if no symbol shows it means the CTS are reversed on the corresponding phase.

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