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Model: DDS353
The DDS353 is a MID certified single phase high precision kWh meter that is housed in 1 DIN module case. This product is suitable for sub-billing 45A Direct Connected 230/240V +/- 20% 1000 imp/kWh Pulsed Output LCD Display 5+2= 99999.99 MID B+D certifed If you require a copy of the M..
Model: 1CMDT0
1CMDT0 is a multifunction electronic timer with 10 different non signal and signal based modes. It has a wide voltage range for both AC and DC. It is a low powered consumption devise with led indications for power and relay status. Functions: (1) Signal ON delay (2) Cyclic ON/OFF (3) Cyclic OF..
Model: ABB/4W
This 4 Module DIN Rail meter enclosure has been designed to make installation quick and easy.Meeting the most recent regulatory requirements, the internal space has been designed to make cables more accessible and special eye holes on the frame allow cable ties to be anchored securely. The tran..
Model: ESP-6
ESP-6 is a high-performance LoRa gateway that implements RS485 and LoRa, TCP / IP and LoRa-related translation functions. As a gateway in LoRa network, ESP-6 adopts LoRa ad hoc network communication mode, and LoRa meter or LoRa converter can form a perfect LoRa remote meter reading system. LoRa netw..
M53Q Single Phase Current Transformer (50-300A) M53Q Single Phase Current Transformer (50-300A)
Hot Single Phase Solid Core
Model: M53Q
Product Features:21mm² Aperture20mm x 6mm Busbar Aperture50-300A Primary CurrentSecondary M4 Screw TerminalsAccuracy Class 0.5, 1 or 3Busbar or DIN Rail MountedThe M53Q Range of Solid Core Current Transformers from Crompton Instruments work in conjunction with any 5A CT Operated Electricity Meters. ..
Model: MCS-D40/50/60
Multi-Click is an intelligent measuring and monitoring solution for power management and distribution. It has been designed and engineered to accommodate new and existing installations. This solution offers centralized measurement data on one display. As the current (A) measurement device (MSC-I) is..
Model: MA51BK
MA51BC is designed to meet Industrial and Agricultural segment applications. No Auxiliary supply is needed and it also protects against Phase Loss, Phase Reversal and Phase Asymmetry. Supply Voltage 415VAC Frequency 50/60 Hz Power Consumption (Max.) 15 VA Trip Settings Phase Loss Yes T..
Model: ESP-7
ESP-7 is a high-performance LoRa converter, to achieve RS485 and LoRa conversion function, RS485 port can be connected to the conventional RS485 communication meter, through the built-in processor, to achieve the conversion of the two communications. As LoRa network terminal node, ESP-7 uses Lo..
Model: SDM120-A-MID
Product Features: MID B&D Approved - 0120/SGS0221 Single Phase (1P2W) 45A AC (45A Direct Connected) 230V AC Pulsed Output 1-DIN Module Analogue Display The SDM120-A-MID is a Single Phase Analogue Power Meter that measures the kWh usage on a 45A ..
Model: SDM230DR-MID
Product Features:MID B&D Approved - 0120/SGS0198Single Phase (1P2W)Multifunction100A AC230V ACDual Pulse Outputs2-DIN ModuleDigital Backlit Display4 Measurement Modes for kW ReadingsSDM230 series is an advanced digital single phase multi-function energy meter, which measures up to 100A direct ..
Product Features:MID B&D Approved - 0120/SGS0150Single Phase (1P2W)Three Phase (3P4W)Multifunction-/1A CT Operated-/5A CT Operated230/400V ACRS485 Modbus RTUDual Pulse Outputs4-DIN ModuleDigital Backlit DisplayTouch Screen ButtonsThe SDM630MCTE-MID Digital Power Meter can be configured through t..
Model: SDM72D-MID
The SDM72D Digital Power Meter works directly connected to a maximum load 100A AC circuit.This meter has been MID B&D Certified by SGS UK, proving both it’s accuracy and quality. This certification allows this model to be used for any sub-billing applications.Unlike other alternatives, this mete..
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