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Astronomical Time Sensors

Model: 1CMDT0
1CMDT0 is a multifunction electronic timer with 10 different non signal and signal based modes. It has a wide voltage range for both AC and DC. It is a low powered consumption devise with led indications for power and relay status. Functions: (1) Signal ON delay (2) Cyclic ON/OFF (3) Cyclic OF..
Model: MA51BK
MA51BC is designed to meet Industrial and Agricultural segment applications. No Auxiliary supply is needed and it also protects against Phase Loss, Phase Reversal and Phase Asymmetry. Supply Voltage 415VAC Frequency 50/60 Hz Power Consumption (Max.) 15 VA Trip Settings Phase Loss Yes T..
Model: MG21DH
MG21DH is a 3 phase 3 wire voltage monitoring relay. It is a compact 17.5 mm wide DIN rail housing device with LED Indication for all faults and for change in settings. Has buit in adjustable Time Delay and Selectable Under Voltage / Over Voltage & Asymmetry. Supply Voltage 208 - 480 VAC, ..
Model: MG73BH
MG73BH is a Supply monitoring product with selectable time delay. It can also be configured as a 3 phase 4 wire or a 1 phase system with voltage sensing principle. It protects against Phase loss, Phase Reversal and Phase Asymmetry. Supply Voltage 240VAC (1 Phase & 3 Phase, 4 Wire) Freque..
Model: T2DDT7
T2DDT7 is ideal for Outdoor and Street lighting applications with easy manual override and keypad lock features. It also boasts 6 years battery reserve with a 12/24 hour display format. Supply Voltage 110 - 240 VAC  Supply Variation (-20% to +10%) Frequency 50/60 Hz  ..
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