Introducing the SDM18 series

Introducing the versatile SDM18 series, a cutting-edge solution designed to monitor energy consumption across a wide range of applications. This remarkable range of 1 module (18 mm), single-phase, multi-function DIN rail energy meters are packed with advanced features that make it the ideal choice for various industries and settings.
With its comprehensive set of capabilities, the SDM18 series enables precise measurement of Total kWh, Import kWh, Export kWh, Voltage, Current, Active power, Frequency, Power factor and other parameter settings such as (Modbus / Mbus) Address, Baud rate, Parity, Secondary address high, Secondary address low, Software version.
The Series is equipped with bidirectional functionalities. The total energy usage can be calculated via different calculation modes. All forward (import) and reverse (Export) (re)active energy values are stored in a different meter register.
One of the standout features of the SDM18 series is its ability to support direct connections of up to 100A, eliminating the need for external current transformers (CTs). Our usual Single Phase, 100a Direct connected meters were 2 modules wide before the SDM18 series released at only 1 module wide. This sleek design also simplifies the installation process, saving valuable time, space, and effort.
For added convenience, the energy meter is equipped with a communication port that supports Mbus or Modbus protocols. This allows for seamless remote monitoring when paired with a datalogger or gateway, empowering users to access real-time energy data remotely. The meter is also equipped with a fixed pulse rate of 1000imp/kWh which can be used to achieve basic remote monitoring if need be.
Alike our other electric meters, this meter is equipped with a scrollable button in order to view measurements quickly and easily from the face of the meter. The meter is also constructed with the same anti-flame polycarbonate, liquid crystal display with wide viewing angles and compliant with international standards, making this top of the range meter a smart option!
The SDM18-100A series stands out as a highly reliable and accurate energy meter that meets the stringent standards required for billing applications. With a focus on quality and compliance, this series holds all the relevant certifications, including CE, UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed), and MID (Measuring Instruments Directive), ensuring its suitability for all billing purposes.
By obtaining these certifications, the SDM18-100A series demonstrates its commitment to precision and adherence to industry regulations. These certifications serve as a testament to the meter's exceptional accuracy and reliability, making it a trusted choice for billing applications where precise energy measurement is crucial.
Whether you need to monitor energy usage in Solar PV installations, EV charging stations, data centres, smart buildings, Switchgear Manufacturers, this meter covers most domestic, commercial and industrial scenarios and delivers outstanding performance coupled with a class 1 accuracy rating. As this meter is only 1 module in size, its perfect for the applications where space is limited.
In conclusion the SDM18 series represents a reliable and efficient solution for energy management, enabling users to gain valuable insights into energy consumption patterns, optimize resource allocation, and promote sustainable practices. Whether you're a homeowner, an operator of renewable energy systems or a facility manager, this energy meter offers the versatility and functionality required to meet your specific monitoring needs while being bitesize in compared to its competitors! Contact us at Smart Process today for more information on the SDM18 Series.