Smart Process Control & instrumentation has spent the last 10 years building and solidifying the Eastron brand within the UK MID metering market. Specialising in electrical energy monitoring, we take great pride in our market reputation by delivering unparalleled quality and reliability to our entire customer base. Our products are divided into application specific and parameter specific categories allowing us great fluidity when we are offering our clients solutions.

Our product range varies from basic kWh check meters to multifunction din rail or panel mounted energy monitors that provide in depth readings and measurements to give the end user a specific breakdown of the energy usage and allows them to target areas to be more conservative or create precise reports on energy consumption. Our products are typically favourited amongst DB / switchgear manufacturers, panel builders, EVC infrastructure, Solar PV and more.

We operate from a large UK based office and accompanying warehouse holding healthy stock to meet our clients strict and time sensitive needs. Within our office we are able to run full sales, marketing, technical, after sales and QA departments with a strong focus on our customer service offerings providing greater peace of mind to our clients knowing support is there when ever they need it.

Smart process works closely with UK and European based manufacturers  offering solutions for a range of industries such as the EV charge point sector, some of our clients which can be found below have invested vast amounts of capital and time in the UK’s EV infrastructure and our products sit at the heart of their chargers delivering accurate and reliable energy consumption data.

Having spent the last decade building the Eastron brand within the UK and Europe, Smart Process is proud to be awarded sole UK distributor for the Eastron brand. Working closely with the European distributor we are able to offer our customers industry leading customer service and supply using any resource at our disposal. With a continuous supply line of new technology and innovations from Eastron’s next generation manufacturing facility we are able to dominate the market space with advancements in technology and after care.

BP Pulse

BP Pulse first approached us back in 2020 looking for three phase energy monitors for their high output DC chargers. After numerous amounts of testing and researching we was able to offer them our SDM630-P-DC-MID. This is a multifunction direct connected meter offering pulsed output and marketing leading accuracy ratings. These meters allow them to remotely monitor each charge point in real time. As BP Pulse deploys public chargers across the UK and Europe they rely on accurate energy monitoring so the consumer is getting charged accurate rates for their energy consumptions. MID approval ensures accuracy, quality and reliability within our products.

EO Charging

EO charging are leading the way in fleet EV charging services by offering and providing their customers a new charging eco-system. Their solutions have accelerated them into a secure and strategic position across the world allowing them to expand beyond any expectation using their simple yet effective fleet charging model. EO is trying to revolutionise the way EV charging is perceived in the market and are succeeding in great style. Utilising our SDM630 range EO is able to integrate these power monitors into their charging units as a part of their remote monitoring system delivering real time consumption data and behaviour through their OCPP back office software EO cloud. MID approval ensures accuracy, quality and reliability within our products.


Connected Kerb

One of our customers connected Kerb is revolutionising the way we think about EV charging infrastructure. As a start up they have designed and engineered a smart way of providing charging services using existing infrastructure. Deployed on lamp posts, bollards and even elevating from and re-implanting into the ground, Connected kerb has designed intelligent EV chargers using limited space. Manufactured using our compact SDM230-MOD-MID connected kerb are able to get real time, reliable single phase consumption data at any time. The SDM230-MOD-MID is favoured among the industry for its compact quality design. As well as our 3ph version, the SDM630-MOD-MID for their 22kW EV chargers, also both MID approved ensuring accuracy, quality and reliability.