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Bundle: SDM120CT-MOD-MID & 4 WAY DIN RAIL ENCLOSURE & Current Transformer

SKU: SDM120CT-MOD-MOD-4-WAY-T24-100/5A

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Meter Features:

  • Single Phase 5A current transformer operated
  • MID Certified (B and D)
  • Bi-directional measurement for kW and kWh
  • Configurable pulsed output (Import, Export, Nett kWh)
  • RS485 Modbus Communications
  • Multi Parameter measurements
  • Simple set up and operation

Enclosure Features:

  • 4 WAY
  • IP65 Weather Proof
  • CE Approved
  • ABS Enclosure with Polycarbonate Lid
  • Suitable for Din Rail Mounted Electrical Distribution Products 

Current Transformer Features: 

  • Split Core 
  • Single Phase 
  • 100-250A (24mm² Aperture) 300-600A (36mm² Aperture)
  • 5A Secondary Current
  • 1m Fly Lead (2.5mm Wire) 
  • Accuracy Class 1 

Meter Details:

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CT Details:

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