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Product Features:

  • MID B&D Approved - 0120/SGS0221
  • Single Phase (1P2W)
  • 45A AC (45A Direct Connected)
  • 230V AC
  • 1-DIN Module
  • Analogue Display
  • Import Active Energy (kWh)
  • Pulsed Output 

The SDM120-A-MID is a Single Phase Analogue Power Meter that measures the kWh usage on a 45A AC Circuit, removing the need for additional current transformers. This particular meter has proven to be very popular due to how cost-effective it is. The SDM120 Series is housed in a 1-DIN (17.5mm) case meaning it is compact and space-saving. The meter has a built-in pulsed output, which can work in conjunction with a datalogger enabling the end-user to record the measured data remotely.

We have invested in MID B&D certification for the SDM120-A-MID, this proves the accuracy and quality of the product and allows it to be used for Billing Applications. Since April 2016, MID-approved Meters will be the only legal option when the measurements are to be used for billing. All of our MID-approved meters are certified here in the UK.

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