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Product Features:

  • MID B&D Approved - 0120/SGS0221
  • Single Phase (1P2W)
  • 45A AC (45A Direct Connected)
  • 230V AC
  • 1-DIN Module
  • Digital Backlit Display
  • Import Active Energy (kWh)

The SDM120DB - MID is a Direct Connected (with pulsed output), Single-Phase MID electric energy with 5+1 digital LCD display for measuring kWh.The SDM120DB uses an advanced special recording integrated circuit with high precision. It is used in AC single-phase watt-hour with is recording frequency of 50Hz, It is highly accurate, durable, reliable, low power consumptive, without reversion, creep-proof, anti-tamper-proof and bilateral recording with strong overloading capability. it conforms to the related requirements of GB/T17215 321-2008 and passes EMC and LVD in world famous labs. 

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