Bundle: SMART-X96-5-MID & 3 x T24-(insert ratio)/5A Split Core CT


£250 £269

Product Features:

Meter Information:

  • Single Phase (1P2W) MID Certified
  • Three Phase (3P3W) MID Certified
  • Three Phase (3P4W) MID Certified
  • Class 0.5s Accuracy
  • Phase Sequence Detection
  • Individual Harmonics upto 63rd
  • -/1A CT Operated or -/5A CT Operated
  • RS485 Modbus RTU
  • Dual Pulse Outputs
  • 96mm² Panel Mounted (92mm² Cut Out)
  • Digital Backlit Display and Touch Screen Buttons

CT Information:

  • 1ph x 3pcs (to cover 3ph application)
  • Split Core 
  • 24mm² Aperture 
  • 100-300A Primary Current
  • 5A Secondary Current
  • 1m Fly Lead (2.5mm Wire)  
  • Accuracy Class 1  

This bundle includes 1 x SMART-X96-5-MID and 3 x T24 5A Current Transformer

You will need to confirm what Current Transformer ratio you require before checkout, as per the options section below.

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