T36 Miniature Split Core Current Transformer 0.333mV ( Milivolt Version )

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Product Features: 

  • Split Core 
  • Single Phase
  • 36mm² Aperture 
  • 300-600A Primary Current
  • 5A Secondary Current 
  • 1m Fly Lead (2.5mm Wire) 
  • Accuracy Class 1 

The T36 Range of Split Core Current Transformers with a .333mV output. The output on this CT range is in millivolts, as opposed to the traditional 5A secondary, which is much safer when installing. Due to the style of these Split Core Current transformers, you can easily install them without needing to break any conductors. You can use individual T36 CTs for Single Phase applications, you can also use 3pcs of these current transformers for Three Phase applications. The Aperture on this model accommodates 36mm² Cable. The T36 is ideal for applications such as Distribution systems, Generator sets, Control Panels, and Switchgears.

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