Prewired enclosures what are they and why we offer them

Smart Process supports all types of prewiring service on any direct connected or Current Transformer operated meter. Whether this must be single or three phase, Modbus, Mbus or just pulse. These allow an easy and neat installation.

Conforming to all BS7671 and 18th edition wiring standards we supply any din rail mounted meter (listed on our website) in a prewired enclosure with accompanying terminals and current transformers (If the meter is CT Operated).

After taking all necessary information, we can assist with choosing an appropriately sized enclosure and any accompanying components that best suit you.


What is included in the prewired enclosure?

In the prewired enclosure you will receive a meter that’s best suited for your application with Voltage (and if applicable, CT) terminals and terminal cables sitting snug in the enclosure box. If your meter is current transformer operated, you will receive one or three Current Transformers depending on if your meter is single or three phase. These are not situated in the enclosure but do come with most bundles.


Why should you get a prewired meter?

Prewired enclosures are much quicker and easier when it comes to installation. It reduced installation time as well as the risk of human error. The components in a prewired enclosure often cost less than if buy everything separately but you should consider that the pre-wiring service comes at a cost. You should note that the install of your meter should be done by a qualified electrician.


How long would it take to receive my personalised Prewired Enclosure?

If the items that you require are all in stock, you can expect it within a week after the appropriate components have been selected. If they’re not in stock, we can see if there’s a replacement for them or a way we can source the goods as soon as possible. This will be communicated by our sales team.


Where can I get in touch to purchase a prewired enclosure?

You can get in touch with Smart Process via our sales email: or give us a call on 01268 773 422. Additionally, you can get in touch through our newly added live chat feature on our website. Also, pre-wired enclosure bundles can be found in the bundles section for if you already have a good idea of your requirement and do not need assistance.


What can you use these meters for?

Whether you just need to measure your electric usage for the whole house or just a small application the meter will remain looking brand new and safe from any water due to its IP 65 rating.

Here is a list of domestic applications you can use a prewired enclosure for:

  • Hot tubs
  • Crypto Mining rigs
  • Solar PV
  • EV charging
  • Annex / flats
  • Heat pumps
  • And more



Prewired enclosures are a great way to get all the components you need in one place as well as being sure they are compatible as they were picked by a trained professional. These can be used for a range of different applications whether this be the whole property (domestic, commercial or industrial) or just a specific circuit. These prebuilt enclosures are perfect for a person who does not know a whole lot about metering as all the work is already done for them and it is left for the install to be done by a professional electrician. On top of this, our bundles and pre-wired enclosures are discounted so you will always be receiving a good deal.