EVC: what Energy Monitors are best for your Electric Vehicle Charger

As most of our meters are din rail mounted, they are perfect to be put inside an EV charger due to their small size and smart capabilities. These are great to measure how much energy your charger is using so you can keep on top of your spend and analyse the power usage, etc. Energy management is the way of the future, controlling how much you’re spending is vital at the moment, especially with soring energy prices and the cost-of-living crisis. You can view our product range on the EV Charging energy monitors and Current transformers section of our website. This selection of products was created for EV Charging as it is one of our biggest sectors in the market and we wanted to support it as much as we could.


EV Charging energy monitors and current transformers section

This collection is a combination of all Metering products designed for EV charge points, with various communication methods, high accuracy ratings and reliability. EV charging is becoming a prominent industry within the UK so it’s important to use materials you can rely on. Our range of MID energy monitors have been trialled and tested for years, solidifying its brand awareness for quality and reliability, making them ideal for EV charge point infrastructure.

In this section we offer top of the line electric meters: SDM120-MOD-MID, SDM230-MOD-MID, SDM72D-M-MID and SDM630MCT-MOD-MID. Which all work great in electric vehicle charge points depending on the size and type of charger. We have also recently added the SDM54 Range of meters which were made specifically to go inside the charge points by being the first compact, 3 module, 3 phase, 100A direct connected, MID electric meter in the market of its kind. We have a meter for each type of charging situation, domestic, commercial and industrial.


MID Certification

As our meters come as MID certified, you have the option to rent out your charge point for public charging and can bill accordingly. A lot of big EVC manufacturers have implemented different ways for the user to pay for the electric they used, such as via a payment terminal or via an app.


The Future of metering in EV chargers

As the EVC industry is developing every day, we offer our customers the best products with next day delivery where possible. The future of metering will consist of the meters getting smaller and smarter, while still be able to perform to the best and strongest capability. This is proven by the recently released SDM54 range. Metering will always need to be included in EV charging as it’s the only way to measure the input and output of the energy used.


Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamic Load Balancing is one of those phrases that at first sounds confusing but is something that you will have to consider when looking at installing an EV charge point, whether its a residential, commercial or industrial project. Once explained, it becomes fairly easy to understand. Essentially its in regards to monitoring all the electrical appliances used (whether this be in your home or a charging station) and splits the available energy accordingly so that it doesn’t trip a fuse. It works from monitoring how much energy is passing through the Current transformer to see too much is being pulled. Most smart chargers come with this feature but others that don’t may need to have it installed as an additional unit outside the charger.



Metering in EV chargers is a huge growing industry that will only get bigger. Metering technology is consistently upgrading in tandem with the electric vehicle charging technology. For help with product selection, feel free to get in touch with our friendly sales team and we will point you in the right direction.